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Fighting Cross-Contamination from Footwear in your Facility

The food processing floor is a demanding habitat whirring with moving equipment, parts and people. In the bustle of this fluid and structured environment, plant management and employees face a herculean battle to protect the integrity of finished products...

Fighting Salmonella in a Food Processing Environment

In the game of football, when a quarterback, running back or wide receiver is stacking up yardage seemingly at will, sports broadcasters will often say: “You can’t stop him... the best you can do is try to contain him!” In many respects, this adage...

Identifying Microbial Hotspots

The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes had a fantastic ability to look beyond the obvious and see things that others had missed. He would use his years of experience and creative intellect to play out various scenarios until, in his mind, the correct...

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